Marina Rules & Regulations



  1. The owners      of    Vessels    on    the    Marina   or    on    the    Hardstand    must    be    a Full/Life/Subscriber Member of the
  2. Casual Marina Occupants (being on Marina no longer than 30 days) must be a minimum of a Social
  3. All persons ‘Staying Aboard’ the Vessel must be a member of the Club.

Berthing Arrangements

  1. Prior to a vessel entering the Marina the owner must provide proof of insurance, registration and then an inspection by a team member of the
  2. All owners must abide by the direction of the Management or staff delegate of the MBBC for the safety and security of all members and their
  3. A vessel may be re-allocated to another berth/ hardstand at the Club’s
  4. In an emergency situation staff are authorised to move your vessel for the safety of members and their
  5. Owners are encouraged to provide a set of access and ignition keys to Club Vessels will only by accessed in the event of an emergency.
  6. The use of sails to arrive or vacate a berth is prohibited in the
  7. The speed limit within the Marina is four (4) knots
  8. Mooring lines, etc, are only to be tied around cleats provided and not around pylons and/or walkways.
    1. Mooring Lines must consist of:
      1. Bow Line
      2. Stern Line
      3. Fore Spring
      4. Back Spring
    2. The mooring lines must be of suitable size for your
    3. Damage to the pontoons or other vessels caused by your vessel not being secured correctly will result in you being responsible for


  1. All fees must be paid in advance not in arrears.
  2. Any late payments of invoices will incur a 10% late fee of the total
  3. A bond of $200.00 is payable prior to occupying a berth.
  4. Payment of rental fees will be the life of the agreed term of rental. A tenant wishing to vacate the berth at the completion of this agreement must give one months notice in writing and all outstanding invoices must be paid before bond is refunded.
  5. Any Vessel owner not adhering to the Regulations will face disciplinary action by the Board of Management which may result in termination of your
  6. Rental fees are set by the Board of Management each March however may increase without notice.
  7. Sub-Lessee’s / tenants are responsible to provide up to date:
    1. Emergency contact details
    2. Registration papers
    3. Insurance details (Public Liability cover of $10 million) to or in person to reception
  8. Any visitors to your vessel must be introduced to reception and signed in. This is for safety reasons in case of fire and also to ensure compliance to Liquor licensing regulations.

Pollution Control

  1. It is an offence under the Marine Act to pollute any Marina and surrounding waterways and doing so can attract heavy fines.
  2. Releasing of holding tanks or any other liquid waste (toilets) is NOT permitted in the Marina under EPA regulations.
  3. All rubbish removed from your vessel must be placed into the Skip bin in the secure car NO rubbish is to be put into the bins at the Restaurant or outside the Laundry.
  4. The Club would prefer that members not empty “porta potties” in the Clubhouse toilets. However, if there is absolutely no alternative, please ensure that you do so in consideration of our cleaning staff.
  5. The club provides facilities for batteries and oil disposal please speak to Other items must be disposed of off MBBC premises.
  6. Refuelling of vessels in the Marina is not permitted at any time.
  7. Spill kits are available on Pontoon 1 and from Admin. Any spillage of fuel or waste should be reported to MBBC office immediately or phone the number on the front of emergency cabinet on Pontoon 1. Failure to do so may result in heavy fines from EPA.
  8. Boats on the marina should be cleaned regularly.



  1. All gates are controlled by security access Please ensure that the gates are locked after you enter.
  2. Unauthorised entry is not permitted.
  3. Secure car park facilities are provided for Full members and Associate members use only.
  4. Only one vehicle per Membership is permitted at any one time (I.e. Either the full member or associate).
  5. Failure to display your correct membership identification on your vehicle may result in your vehicle being towed or clamped.
  6. When leaving your vehicle in the secure car park for longer than 72 hours please notify reception of your intentions.
  7. Only your vehicle and boat trailer registered on your membership is permitted in the car Any other vehicles e.g. Jetski etc. will be removed at your expense.
  8. ‘Stay Aboard’ members are permitted two vehicles except from Friday 3pm to Monday 8am. Alternative arrangements must be made during this time for your second vehicle.
  9. Space is provided for bicycles and motor bikes.
  10. Children are to be supervised at all times by an adult, who will be responsible for their safety and behaviour whilst on the Marina.
  11. Members pay for secure premises in the marina and carpark – giving access or loaning their tags/keys/membership cards to unauthorized persons (non-members or social members) breaches both security and club rules.
  12. Members should sign their guests in at reception.

Commercial Activity

Advertising, canvassing or conducting any commercial activity within the Marina or carpark is prohibited.


  1. Vessel crews should familiarise themselves with the location and method of operation of fire fighting equipment on the Marina.
  2. Fire hoses are not to be used for any purpose other than fighting fires.
  3. Please observe the Fire Procedure at the Marina entrance gate.
  4. The following actions are to be taken after the discovery of a fire on a vessel:
    • Shout loudly into the vessel and account for all persons.
    • Telephone 000 for Emergency Service – Fire (Police/Ambulance)Advise That:
      1. There is a vessel on fire at the Moreton Bay Boat Club at Scarborough Harbour NOT Scarborough Marina.
      2. Describe the location within the marina – Berth Number/Marina Row/Vessel Ramp, etc. as accurately as possible.
      3. Advise if there are any persons unaccounted for.
    • If it is safe, and possible:
      1. Use all available firefighting equipment until the Fire Service arrives (Fire Hose reels are installed on the Marina Walkways).
      2. Remove adjacent vessels away from the Fire area, to create a firebreak.
      3. Secure the burning vessel to the Marina with a Chain.


  1. Keep spectators well away – burning vessels may explode.
  2. Ensure that Fire Service vehicles have clear access to the fire – open the access gates, remove vehicles near fire hydrants, boosters and link bridges.
  3. Contact Coastguard Redcliffe – 3203 5522 and explain the situation.
  4. Designate a person to meet the Fire Brigade upon arrival.
  5. Designate a meeting point with a person at the meeting point for co-ordination and communication – Fire Wardens are the Manager on Duty and Maintenance Co- ordinator.
  6. Get the ‘Emergency Folder’ from reception.
  7. Check all ‘Stay-a-boards’ are at the assembly point (Public Carpark north end).
    1. This is why it is important to let reception know if you or any visitors to your vessel are staying overnight.

Maintenance of Vessels

  1. Major repairs, spray painting, sanding or refitting of vessels is not permitted within the Marina.
  2. Minor work may be permitted however this is at the discretion of the Club.
  3. If you are unsure of what work is permitted on the marina please speak to management.
  4. Vessel owners are responsible for damage their activities may cause to neighbouring vessels.
  5. All vessels shall be maintained in such condition that they do not reflect unfavourably on the general appearance of the Marina.
  6. Walkways/fingers are to be kept clean and free of all objects including dinghies and equipment.
  7. It is the responsibility of occupiers to keep their berth clean and tidy at all times.
  8. Trolleys are provided for berth occupiers. Ensure they are returned to the secure area immediately after use.
  9. Contractors may only enter the Marina/ Hardstands to work on vessels with the approval of Management.
    1. Access will not be given unless the Club has received prior authorisation from the Vessel owner.
    2. Tradee’s must have a minimum of $5 million public liability insurance.
    3. A copy of this insurance must be provided to reception prior to access.

Power and Water

  1. Connection to the electrical power outlets must only be made with a current tagged 15amp extension lead.
  2. Water is provided for domestic use only.
  3. The use of excessive water will attract an additional charge.
  4. Fire hoses are not to be used for any purpose other than fire fighting.
  5. All equipment on your vessel should be checked to Australian If damage to power outlets is caused by a fault on your vessel you will be charged for any repairs required.
  6. Please ensure your bilge pump is in good working condition at all times.
  7. Air-conditioners, washing machines and dryers incur a $5 per item surcharge per week.

Laundry Facility

  1. Laundry facilities are provided for the benefit of ‘Stay-A-boards’.
  2. Please ensure that no washing is hung in viewing sight on your vessel.

Swimming and Fishing

Swimming or fishing is not permitted in the Marina or from pontoons.


  1. All Vessels on the marina or pontoons must have a minimum 10 million public liabilities and a minimum of 3rd party property insurance.
  2. All vessels must be registered.
  3. Uninsured vessels will not be allowed to remain in the Marina.
  4. A Certificates of Currency showing for all of the above must be provided to the office on an annual basis.


  1. Noise should be kept to a minimum.
  2. Please use discretion when playing radios and musical instruments.
  3. Stop noisy wind generators from running and keep loose halyards tied back to prevent noise nuisance.
  4. Using Common sense will avoid problems and possible confrontations.


  1. Permission must be obtained from the Board of Directors prior to any pets being allowed on the Marina.
  2. Permission will only be given on a temporary basis for casual and short-term visitors.
  3. No long-term tenants are permitted to have pets on their vessel.
  4. Pets on the marina must be kept on leads and controlled by the owner at all times.

Stay- Aboard

  1. Permission to become a ‘Stay-Aboard’ must be approved from the Board of MBBC prior to taking up residency.
  2. Two references must be given with your application form.
  3. Fees must remain one month in advance at all times.
  4. Fees applicable for each person on Board:
    1. Non Berth Owners: $40.00 per first person and $18.00 every additional person.
    2. Berth Owners: $23.00 per first person and $18.00 every additional person.
  5. Berth holders may stay on their vessel 72 hours per week (Monday to Sunday). Any longer than this requires a weekly ‘Stay Aboard’ fee to be paid.

Breakdown Berth

  1. A breakdown berth at the corner of A and D Finger is provided for members and visitors to use only in the case of breakdown.
  2. This berth is available free of charge for 48 hours after this your vessel must be moved.
  3. Permission may be sort from management to move to one of the pontoons.

Severe Weather

  1. With the severe weather that Queensland has Boat owners should ensure their mooring lines are adequate.
  2. In the case of dangerous conditions the Club will provide a safe haven for ‘Stay Aboards’ if required.
  3. All people choosing to stay on Board must notify Management so as we can maintain a correct database for authorities.
  4. We urge members on the marina not to put themselves in danger during these events.
  5. Management will complete marina walks when safe to do so but it is the responsibility of vessel owners to secure and maintain their vessels.

Equipment on Berth

  1. Air docks and sea pens are not permitted on the marina unless written approval has been received from the Board of Management.
  2. Secure storage boxes cannot be installed on the marina until written permission has been received from the Board of Management.

Non Observance of Rules and Regulations

Non-compliance of these conditions may cause cancellation of any agreement to use the facilities of the Moreton Bay Boat Club and Marina and may result in disciplinary action being taken by the Moreton Bay Boat Club Board of Directors or The Department of Transport.


– ends –