SAGS sailing

It wasn’t looking good for a SAGS race on Saturday morning. It was still very moist after quite bit of rain on Friday evening. We (Aido and Jess) were still licking our wounds after a serious flogging from the entire fleet the week before.  We were so far back that Geoff didn’t even realize that we were the only boat to use a spinnaker last week, in a very late effort to try and catch up.


11 boats crossed the start line on the weekend, and it was a tricky first leg. Nice Try and Volando started first, sometimes zigging when maybe they should have zagged towards reef point. Nice Try probably should have Zagged instead of hitting the Yellow. Did they even start properly?? Who knows? 2 out of 3 hulls probably completed the course. It wasn’t going to be an easy day for anyone as there was only about 5 to 8 kts of ENE breeze.


As for the Crew of Midnight Madness……we were late, like really late, and didn’t even get a chance to enjoy a schooner or two at the bar before leaving for the start-line.


Charisma, Zingara, Double D and Page III made the most of a fairly soft situation and rounded Reef point in the lead bunch. Closely shadowed by last week’s winner French Kiss who wasted no time in setting her spinnaker.


Midnight Madness and Seraya both started at the same time 13:35. It was an intense battle to Reef point with both boats sailing close to the reef, and throwing at least 5 -6 tacks to try and gain advantage.


The next leg was Champagne Sailing as 8 of the 11 starters flew spinnakers towards Garnet Rock. It was close for most of the fleet with only Seraya making serious ground in the early stages, while Midnight Madness decided to not go for speed and soak deeper inshore. Sentier at this stage was beginning to lurk in the background waiting for a mistake.


The leg back to Reef Point proved to be the decisive leg. Half the fleet including French Kiss, Sentier, Double D choosing the offshore Route. Leaving Seraya, Midnight and Zingara in inshore route back to Reef Point. Charisma, in the lead for the whole leg chose the middle, and Mark’s GPS track proved that this was probably the best option, giving them still a handy lead at reef point. Midnight Madness was a couple of minutes further back, with Hank and Lorraine on Seraya making heaps of ground to be a very close 3rd at the last Mark.


Thankfully for the Midnight Madness Crew, Charisma couldn’t quite hang on for the win at the finish.  Midnight 1st, Charisma 2nd and Seraya 3rd. It must be noted that Sentier went out to Sea on the second last leg and nearly made the podium, just missing out and getting 4th.


Thanks to the Moreton Bay Boat Club for their generous sponsorship.

Next weeks Start Times here: MBBC Sags results 24 Feb 2018