SAGS sailing

There was a North-easterly wind around 10knots and an outgoing tide from the lunchtime high.

There were 13 starters with Jupiter and Sea sprite leading the way on a predominately starboard tack leg to DB black post which was now required to be observed to starboard as per new regulations.

Volando tacked on to port and was first to DB with Silverado closing and continuing on starboard to they were closer to laying Bribie yellow post.

Volando and Silverado rounded Bribie post not far apart with Silverado passing  to leeward to take the lead on the broad reach back to DB.

The bulk of fleet passed each other on the leg to and from the Bribie post including late starting multis Rimfire, Sentier and Catalina making ground.

Zingara, Seraya and possibly Double D set kites straight away from Bribie post, with Grecher and Volando waiting to closer to DB to raise theirs.

Volando overtook Silverado after DB and held out to the finish. Seraya sailed fast under reaching spinnaker to pass many for 3rd place finish.


Sorry to those I left out or gave vague reference to as I was quite busy on the way home wrestling with the spinnaker.

Thanks to MBBC and all its generous sponsors.

Another good days sailing.

Next weeks start times here: MBBC SAGS Results from race 03 Mar 2018