SAGS sailing

There was a SAGS race on Saturday.

The BOM lifted the strong wind warning at 10:00 on Saturday morning.

Only 3 boats finished the race.

They were Silverado, Zingara and Seraya.

According to the SAGS sailing instructions (Item 9 January 2018) there are no prizes but the participants go forward 2 minutes on the next race.


It took two Dutchmen and a Mexican (Victorian) to venture out in conditions considered perfect sailing weather anywhere else in the world ie 20 knots south east with relatively flat water. With all the Queenslanders huddled around heaters and open log fires the race started without them.  Unfortunately all 3 starters missed out on the coveted 4th place and had to settle on Silverado 1st followed by Zingara 2nd and Seraya making ground ( or water ) well perhaps, time for 3rd. G’ Day the Bandit.

Next weeks start times here: MBBC SAGS Results from 10 Mar 2018