SAGS sailing


Even better than last week (and that was just the weather) 14 boats started in ideal conditions. SE 12kts. (and no rain hooray). Competition was fierce knowing that the coveted 4th place was up for grabs with the favourite for that spot away on other nautical duties.


The early starters got away in a good south easterly with Carisma leading the fleet back to reef point. Asgard would have been there as well but lost valuable time untangling craypots from his rudder.


With good winds it was a quick race and the later starters not having enough time to catch the leaders, bandit was able to steal the lead on the downwind run home to claim


1st.Silverado 2nd Carisma 3rd Catalina and 4th …………. The Bandit


Thanks to our sponsor, the MBBC.

Next weeks Start Times here: MBBC SAGS Results from 17 March 2018