SAGS sailing

Report from Trevor on Nice Try for Sat 7th April


A good fleet of 17 enjoyed the good conditions with a comfortable 10 to 15 knot ESE and moderate waves.  Everyone back at the clubhouse commented on what an enjoyable afternoon it was.  The wind direction suited the yachts that enjoy reaching.  With the smaller boats getting away early the remainder of the fleet was always going to have to work hard to catch them, and they did with a majority of the fleet finishing in close quarters.

Jupiter lead over the course until very close to the finish line and was revelling with the reach, the remainder of the fleet powering down creating high tension she managed to hang on and get second.  Nice Try managed to overtake Gary within a stone throw of the line and return a modicum of pride to the boat.

This was despite me giving yet another example of how not to raise the spinnaker in the early portion of the race.  With me getting the halyards mixed up, (“Go go go with the red one Nigel, AR, UM, no I meant the green one, the main halyard is already up”) we again managed to do some trolling and collect a few king prawns for Sunday lunch. I will get it right one day.

Despite the problems at the start Bob did a sterling job at the helm to settle things down and get us back on track and in the groove.

A fantastic finish for third between the power cats Rimfire and Sentier, however I’m led to believe that Tony dropped a stainless-steel bucket out the back to wash down the deck and maintain fourth place.  He may have learnt that trick from Peter on Zingara (who is away, and got it wrong last week and got third).   Ripple continued be a show of force on their return.

Participating yachts in the fleet were Jupiter, Sea Sprite, Nice Try, Ripple, Double D, Volando, Rooger, French Kiss, Silverado, War Canoe, Rimfire, Grecher, Page III, Jenesis, Seraya, Sentier and Catalina.   Thankfully for us Endorfin didn’t turn up.

Placings ended up with 1st Nice Try, 2nd Jupiter, 3rd Rimfire and 4th Sentier.

At the debriefing it was pointed out that young Ben again did well in the Bic Regatta at Lake Cootharaba, last weekend getting second place overall, well done Ben keep up the good work.  Skippers were also reminded that when rounding marks to ensure the windward boat stands clear and gives ample buoy room to ensure safety, a 20-metre clearance was agreed upon.

Thanks goes to the Moreton Bay Boat Club for continuing sponsorship and the organisers.

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