SAGS sailing

Thanks to Jess and Aido on MIDNIGHT MADNESS for the report this week. Sat 14th April.


The BoM forecast not much breeze for the middle of the day and they were correct.

Midnight Madness was 2nd last boat away at 13:38 and most of the fleet had barely crossed the start line. A light Northerly started to fill in and Sea Sprite took advantage, setting his kite and disappearing (as much as you can with a bright orange kite) down the foreshore towards Garnett. The rest of the fleet was all quite close rounding Reef and it was a colourful sight as most chose to hoist their spinnakers.

Midnight Madness had their full race crew on board and started the task of getting around the giant wind shadows of the all the big boats that start before well before the little boat. Seraya put up the biggest fight with both boats nearly going back to windward, Hank assures us he was just trying to fill his kite in the very light breeze. It was a jostle for second boat around Garnett between MM and Grecher, but on enquiring whether they might have any spare snacks for us and being told no, we stood our ground and beat them around.

The chase was on to catch Sea Sprite who was now halfway back to Reef. There was a wall of kites in our way, weaving through War Canoe, Page III and French Kiss we cleared our air and headed up the beach. Passing Jupiter, we admired Gary’s kite which appeared to be up backwards but maybe he just wanted to be able to read the sign writing himself.

Closing in on Reef we managed to sneak past Sea Sprite while keeping an eye on War Canoe, Grecher and Sentier who were all storming upwind in still a very soft breeze. Catalina was also sneaking up the beach hoping no one could see her. As priorities were to make sure the boat got lighter as the race went on, the kite wasn’t sorted for the rounding so it was a windward set for us.  It went surprisingly well and little boat planned all the way to the finish.

It was noticed that Silverado didn’t fly their massive kite even though she was crewed up today. Upon enquiry it was found that someone had left the spinnaker pole on the dock. Oops!


Thanks to our guest rock star crew for the day, Gav and Bron, who have an even faster little boat.


Thanks to the MBBC for the prizes. And thanks to Stewie on Knee Deep for making sure we all got home.


1st Midnight Madness

2nd War Canoe

3rd Grecher


All others: Sea Sprite, Seraya, Sentier, Catalina, Rimfire, French Kiss, Volando, Jupiter, Knee Deep, Silverado, Page III

Next weeks Start Times here: MBBC SAGS Results 14 Apr 2018