SAGS sailing

Thanks to Trevor from NICE TRY for this week’s SAGS report.


The SAGS fleet had to contend with south, south-easterly winds ranging between 20 to 27 knots with seas of between 1.3 to 1.6 metres reaching to around 2.0 metres at the southern tip of Bribie.   Because the Bribie course was sailed the wind and wave Gods certainly favoured the multihulls, especially the trimaran.

Because More Dough, Endorphin, Dopamine, Midnight Madness and Real Thing represented our club at the “Bay to Bay” race attendances were down to 10 boats.    A good fleet considering the forecast for possibly gear breaking weather.  The participating yachts were Comfortably Numb, Crews Missile, Jupiter, Nice Try, Page III, Rimfire, Sentier, Seraya, Silverado and Zingara, with the Commodore and Lucky Phil representing Grecher manning the control room and our safety needs.  I’m led to believe a good day was had by all.

As all the planets were in alignment and the Gods in our favour, Nice Try revelled in the conditions and it was a matter of “sit down and hang on” for most of the race.  We took the lead at the Bribie Yellow and managed to hang on to the lead with the fast cats in pursuit

The crew consisted of Nigel Sorrenson, his son Mitch and myself.  It was Mitch’s first race and it was somewhat of a “Christening” to racing for him.   Even though the last Christening I attended a little dab of water was used not a fire hose.  Mitch loved it and is looking forward to racing again so keep an eye out for the both Nigel and Mitch in the club on the days I will not be racing, as they are keen as mustard to be involved.

The placings ended up with 1st Nice Try, 2nd Sentier and 3rd Crews Missile.  Certainly, a multihull day.

Thanks goes to the Moreton Bay Boat Club for the continuing support and generous sponsorship, and the club organisers.

Trevor Anger (Nice Try)

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