SAGS sailing

What a strange weekend! We went from the worst day possible for a yacht race to the best day imaginable in 24 hours. The BOM predicted heavy rain and 25 knots of wind in the afternoon for Saturday the 21st. Many sailors gathered at the clubhouse and watched the rain come down with long faces. After staring out the window for an hour, someone came up with the bright idea: “Tomorrow is going to be a lovely day, why not postpone the race for 24 hours?”. We think it was Gary off Jupiter. Everyone thought this was a great idea and so it came to be.


Sunday turned out to be a perfect day for a sail with 10 to 15 knot easterly winds and not a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately the change in date meant some crew had prior engagements so Volando, Jupiter, Trim and Rimfire had to sail solo.

Thirteen boats started the race in what turned out to be a glorious day. It was a great day for the early starters with the 3 of the place getters coming from the first 6 boats away. Final placings were:


1st place: Tony and Karin off Sea Sprite, first around the Reef point marker and were never challenged again for the lead. This was their second win for the season.


2nd place: There was a great tussle with Jupiter, Ripple Silverado, About Time and Rimfire all lined up abreast 400 meters from the finish. It was About Time who managed to claim the silver medal. Congratulations to Captain Bill who was closely watched by the Admiral, Linda, which may be the reason for their first podium finish of the season.


3rd place: Claimed by Roger on Ripple who was happy to accept his first SAGS podium finish for the season. Roger could well have claimed 2nd spot if not for a mishap raising the spinnaker. Back at the clubhouse, when questioned about it, he claimed that it was not put up upside down, only sideways.


Others enjoying a pleasant day sailing down the front of Redcliffe were: Silverado, Crews Missile, Page 111, Jenesis, Seraya and Catalina.


Apologies to the skippers who were not given enough time to get their boats and crew ready due to the late decision to postpone. It is possible that having Sunday as a backup for a cancelled Saturday race could become a standard procedure. This could be raised at the next general meeting so hopefully we can get as many people there as we can to discuss this.


Many thanks to the MBBC for their generous sponsorship.


Start times for the next SAGS are attached: MBBC Sags Results 22 October