SAGS sailing

We had 18 boats out for SAG’s, so well done to all participants. We had a BOM warning of South Easterlies for later in the day, but fortunately all boats got back to the clubhouse before they kicked in at around 5:30 and then we had over 30 knots of wind.

The first boats away were Jupiter, Asgard, Blade Runner and Knee Deep, all tacking out to Reef Point against an incoming tide and ENE which drifted more to the East as the race progressed. Interesting that the first 3 boats away took out the first 3 places. Blade Runner rounded Reef Point first having tactically come in on Starboard tack then forcing Jupiter to bear away. Must have been the tactics of a master tactician like Onno off French Kiss I suspect. These two boats had a good battle all the way followed closely by Asgard then Silverado making up a lot of ground on the reach back to Reef Point. Jupiter snuck in front on the run to the finish, but Blade Runner having the lighter displacement managed to surf past and take out the Rum, with Jupiter second and Asgard third followed by a fast finishing Silverado in 4th.

Back in the fleet the Page 111 girls (and boys) had donned bra’s and undies wearing them on the outside of their safety equipment to recognise Chrissy’s triumph over breast cancer. Or was it to distract the other competitors as I noticed quite a few of the other boats congregating around Page 111 at one stage of the race. These festivities continued into the clubhouse with photo’s to follow. Even Stewart (Knee Deep) dropped his clothes to show off a skimpy pair of jocks supported with braces, just as a contrast to the lovely ladies and lads sporting their best bra’s.


Results: 1st: Blade Runner: 2nd: Jupiter 3rd: Asgard. 4th: Silverado

Competing boats were: Jupiter, Asgard, Blade Runner, Knee Deep, Sea Sprite, Nice Try, Silverado, Ripple, Double D, Carisma, Zingara, About Time, Grecher, Rimfire, Page 111, Jenesis, Seraya, More Dough.


Next weeks start times here: MBBC Sags results 9th December