SAGS sailing

A nice breezy day out on the water. The weather report was spot on with 20 to 25knt Northerlies consistent during the afternoon. We did the internal course in D,Bay as it would have been no fun beating back from Garnet Rock to Reef Point into this breeze. We did the Starboard Course in the Bay which was down to Caboolture Yellow around D,Bay Red and back to the finish.


We had 14 boats out on the day which was good considering the conditions. Zingara, Silverado and Amazing Grace all retired after having some problems. The first and last leg of the course were quite good but the run from Caboolture to D,Bay Red with the bays normal choppy conditions in this breeze made for a fairly wet and bouncy trip. On Rimfire we had to do a late tack to make it around D,Bay Red and ended up with one of the sheet ropes caught up around the Mast. We virtually came to a stop but Merv was able to untangle it enough for us to make it around the mark. We had a good run home from there.


Rimfire was the winner followed home by Jenesis in second with Page 111 coming in third. About Time came in fourth. Until next time Good Sailing


From; Rimfire Crew

Next weeks start time here: MBBC Sags Results from 13 Jan 2018