WAGS sailing

If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first WAGS since the 28th Feb, the others were cancelled due to weather conditions. This one looked  in doubt on Tuesday Night with a strong wind warning predicted for the  Wednesday but was downgraded on Wednesday morning.  The winds on the day were from the South East initially around the 15Knt mark but picking up during the afternoon. Gusts on the last windward leg reaching upwards of 25Knts.


Nine boats out on the day with Asgard the first away. Being a south easterly it was a port course, down to Dbay Red, around Caboolture Yellow and back to the finish. Double D was taking the logons and we needed to confirm our start times. Greg was sailing with Dave and came back with a start time for us at 1500Hrs. Was said in good humour and we eventually got our correct start time.


We made up ground on the first two legs and were coming up behind Rooger down the second leg who was in good tussle with OD from the other race.  I think Rooger was ahead of him at the Yellow. Well done Rooger as OD is a fairly quick boat. The later starters like Sentier and Catalina were steadily gaining ground on the fleet.


We rounded Caboolture Yellow on Port tack came up onto the wind and went in as far as we could go before tacking onto Starboard for the run home. The wind was picking up by this stage. Looked behind and Sentier was coming home at a rate of Knts. He would probably have beaten us only i think the barge got in the way. We had problems with Double Black Diamond who had finished his race, had sails down and was crossing in front of us. We were hard on the wind to make the mark and he made no effort or gave any indication that he would keep clear. We eased off and went behind him. This is not the first time we have had a run in with him.


It was a good day for the multi-hulls filling the first four places. About Time came home in fourth place.


Winners on the day: Rimfire 1st, Sentier 2nd followed home by Catalina in 3rd place. Until next time, Good Sailing

Next weeks times here: MBBC WAGS results 28 Mar 2018