WAGS sailing


BOM got the wind forecast right. WNW 12 knots for start, turning NNW 9 knots, turning NNE 11 knots strengthening to NE 17 knots with lots of holes and gusts to make for a great race.

12 yachts competed on the alternate WAGS course out the front of Redcliffe with lots of spinnakers flying, excellent decision.


Bill and Bill on Divine Madness lead the way followed by Zingara with Ripple setting a precedent starting under spinnaker and gybeing nicely at daddy longlegs.


First was Ripple closely followed by Zingara and Trevor had a Nice Try to catch up, but left his spinnaker at home and came in third.



Other yachts were (in no order) Rooger, Oscar, Carisma, Double D, Trim, Rimfire, Jenesis, Seraya.

Start times for next week are here: MBBC WAGS results 6th December