WAGS sailing

It’s with great sadness that I have to make this report about our last WAGS race day, having been fortunate enough to get to start ahead of Sentier at 1401 and a steady 12 knots of NE breeze giving Catalina a two minute advantage I eyed off Seraya roaring down to Caboolture and thought well we are gaining a little but he’s going to murder me upwind.


The early starters were on the wind at this stage and seemed to be way ahead having near perfect conditions in flat water , we had overlaid the D’bay red by this time and I decided to crack off a little in the freshening breeze and chalked up some mid 8s , several boats in another race were a little disadvantaged as I came over the top of them especially just before the mark, aaah but sometimes you just have to suck it up!!


After rounding the mark we popped the daggers and headed for home passing Grecher eating various types fried fattening food and had to stare at the stern of Seraya who was powering along unaware we were killing ourselves trying to pass him .


As we closed in on the finish line I hoped there was at least two if not three boats ahead giving me a comforting 4th place but on arrival back at the club was told we had line honours.


All in all I’m sure those who sailed would have to admit ‘A perfect day to be on the water.


A big thank you to Sunshine Boat Sales and MBBC for their continued sponsorship.

Next week’s start times here: MBBC WAGS results from 24 January