Gaming & Keno


MBBC has 20 gaming machines located off the main bar. These machines are being continually upgraded to bring you some of the latest technology in gaming.

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MBBC promotes the Responsible Service of Gambling


Jupiters Keno

KenoJupiters Keno is a fun, easy to play numbers game that offers the chance to win prizes! You can play Keno at a venue with as little as $1, and up to $9,999.

Jupiters Gaming, a division of Tabcorp provides Keno. Games run every three minutes and involve 20 numbers being drawn from a total of 80.

You can either choose the numbers you think will be drawn and mark them yourself on a Keno Entry Form, or purchase a ‘Kwikpik’ where numbers are randomly chosen for you.
Prizes are won based on the number of matches in a given game. You can choose as few as one number, or as many as 40. Jackpot prizes are available on 7, 8, 9 and 10 Number Games with up to $5,000,000 available as the major prize on a 10 Number game!

To find out more and try your luck ask any of our friendly staff.