Moreton Bay Accommodation - Cowan Base

Moreton Bay Boat Club offers our members the opportunity to stay in one of our six fantastic "Huts" on Moreton Island - a great place for the family holiday!


About the Huts

The Cowan Huts are situated on one of the many beautiful beaches of Moreton Island, six kilometres North of Tangalooma. Guests can choose from six huts, which can accommodate up to six people each and are available to club members* all year round.

*School holiday periods are only available to full club members


All six huts are fitted with a gas stove, fridge, BBQ and outdoor setting.

Sleeping arrangements consist of one double size bed and two bunk beds.

All huts share communal toilets and hot water showers which are located centrally.

Getting There

Barges and Ferries:

  • Moreton Island Adventures – departs Whyte Island, arrives Tangalooma Wrecks. Passenger and vehicle carrier.
  • Tangalooma Island Resort – departs Holt St Wharf Pinkenba arrives at Tangalooma Wharf. Passenger only.

Taxi: upon arrival at the base, guests may access the huts via the Moreton Island 4WD Transfer Service



from $55
  • Social Members
    $75 / night
  • Full members
    $55 / night


from $345
  • Social members
    $445 / week
  • Full members
    $345 / week

Weekly Peak
(School Holidays)

from $480
  • Social members
    $520 / week
  • Full members
    $480 / week


Hut availabilities, updated 05/01/23.


Deposit of at least half the total booking price must be made at time of booking.


Cancellations less than 6 weeks before arrival date will incur a $100 administration fee. Cancellations during school holiday periods will not be refunded unless the hut can be re-booked. Date changes will also incur a $20 administration fee and may be subject to a cancellation depending on booking period and notice given.

Useful Information

Fridges: please bring your food well-chilled upon arrival to assist in the efficient operation of our gas powered fridges. It is recommended to wait for cooling to occur prior to putting food into the fridge.

Pets: Moreton Island is 98% national park. Therefore, NO PETS OR ANIMALS are to be brought onto the island. Residents are only allowed pets with special permits.

Power: there is no 240v electricity at Cowan Huts.

Drinking Water: Although it is safe to use for showering, tap water is not guaranteed for consumption. Therefore, please bring bottles of water to drink.

Shopping: There is a convenience store, bait/fishing/ ice and tackle store, and liquor store available at Bulwer. A fast food outlet also operates near the Bulwer General Store. Please note that shops are usually closed on Tuesdays.

Extras: please take extra toilet paper to ensure you do not run low and eskies for keeping your beverages cold.