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Mud Island Marathon 27 November

MBBC extends an invitation to owners and skippers of eligible yachts to compete in the Tony Caulfield remembrance Mud Island Marathon scheduled to commence at 10:00am on 27th November 2016.

The event will include two (2) Divisions with the 2nd Division catering for ‘no-extras” participants.

Please click here for the Notice of Race: notice-of-race-mud-is-marathon-2016-r2

Amendment to Notice of Race (October 2016): notice-of-race-mud-is-marathon-2016-r2-amendment-1 (ENTRY FORM)

Amendment to Notice of Race (November 2016): notice-of-race-mud-is-marathon-2016-r2-ammendment-2

Handicap List: mud-island-marathon-2016-handicaps