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SAGS Report 04/01/20

Race Report  Sat 04.01.20. Motorsport Marine Rum Race.

Wind forecast was 10 – 15 kts NE and it felt all of that. Initially, I
thought I should have put a reef in the main but once we got to the top
of the Bay with less chop, Happy Daze coped better.  We put in one long
close hauled board to be well clear of D Bay Red for the next board.  We
had followed Gary & Shaun on Utopia that board sometimes making ground,
sometimes loosing.  On the next, Utopia left us for dead.  We did pass
Knee Deep and Oscar on that leg.  We had to call Zingara for Starboard
approaching Bribie South Cardinal, he tacked under us but still made the
mark and beat us round.  How does he do that?  On the broad reach back
to D Bay Red we elected to use the regular Spinnaker since it was very
broad (the reach that is) and since Zingara hadn’t put their kite up, we
caught him and Double D – I hadn’t even seen him get ahead of us – how
does he do that?

The gybe around D Bay Red went ok, a bit messy but ok – we survived.
Then the reach back across the bay got increasingly out of control with
the increasing chop and the squaring up of the leg.  It took us half the
leg to catch Utopia.  Happy Daze was wanting to wander all over but we
had only one round up, we were very wobbly mostly.

As we approached the finish we were passed by Dream Lover (she beat us
over the line by about 2 boat lengths but was still establishing
handicap so couldn’t take the prize).  Behind us and catching was the
big white kite of OD and Catalina making ground all the time.  Luckily
for us the course wasn’t any longer. 4th over the line was Utopia.

Once over the finish line we lost the sheet off the kite and the main
sheet off the boom.  The ensuring chaos was ably put to rest by a great
crew – Simon, George, Rebecca and Cate.  Thank you.  We were all pretty
tuckered out by the time we got to the pontoon, badly in need of Bar
therapy.  Couldn’t beat the crew of Zingara to the Bar though – how do
they do that?

Big thanks to Keith (Blue Moon) of Motorsport Marine for sponsoring this
the Rum Race (your new kite looks great), and Commodore Nigel for doing
the presentation.

1st Happy Daze, 2nd OD, 3rd Catalina, 4th Utopia.

1st Happy Daze - Roger2nd O.D. - Nick3rd Catalina - Dale