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SAGS Report 12/09/2020

BOM’s prediction 15-20K was spot on and with the strong SE winds for the last couple of days it was decided to sail in the bay, 16 boats attended, not bad for the conditions.

We decided to try the screecher for the first 2 legs obtaining 12k regularly on the way to Deception Bay red. We took Godwin beach mark wide as we had OD, Kirin and Seraya all there at the same time. We tried the screecher for the leg to Caboolture River  But found it to heavy to winch in so we headed  downwind to furl the screecher, then with the headsail out headed for Caboolture River mark which we rounded just behind Blue Moon. With 15+ knots and reasonably smooth seas SENTIER loves going to windward so the run to windward so the run to the finish was easy, well easy except for any one  winching the headsail in. An enjoyable sail for us, and I hope for everyone else as well.




Thanks to PUMPIT Concrete Pumping for sponsoring this event.