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SAGS Report – 22/08/2020

SAGS Report – 22/08/2020


With 10 minutes to go before our start time the radio crackled to life and we heard “Double D has rounded D’Bay Red”. Great… We were wondering how many boats and so a call to race control and we were informed Double D, Blue Moon and O.D and Prophecy were racing – 2 more had registered but has subsequently pulled out. OK so we were racing.

AS we passed the start we had a double reefed mainsail and the jib fully deployed. We had a fairly comfortable run to D’Bay Red and surfed art speeds up to 15 knots. We could make out O.D and Blue moon on the horizon but there weas no sign of Double D. Oh did I say it was blowing consistently 25 -30 knots? Prophecy weather, yeah!

Rounding D’Bay red we could see Double D, O.D. and Blue Moon struggling to windward and we set off to Godwin Beach. Not a perfect angle but a nice tight reach that allowed Prophecy to stretch her legs and we were consistently hitting 14 knots. Good.

Passing Godwin Beach mark we hardened up on to the work and we raced into the shallows where we tacked and headed out in to the outgoing tide. We could see Blue Moon and knew that we couldn’t pass her on this tack. Once the waves got too big we tacked back in towards shore and went a good way passed the lay line – looking for a fast, free ,slightly off the wind run to Caboolture River yellow. Tacking in about 2.5 metres we struggled to get the heady winched on and Jeff rounded us up to allow us to get it winched in and then we were off. Blue Moon was passed in a cloud of spray and we could see O.D. to leeward of Double D and the debate was “do we harden up and go over the top of Double D or to leeward of O.D.?”

We decided on the former, but as we approached it became clear that we could not get the height to pass Double D to windward. “Aim straight at his bum and pull away to split them!” was the call! Which is exactly what we did. By this time, we were seeing consistent 28-30 knots on the wind gauge, and we were flying – as we passed between O.D and Double D I am sure they could hear the maniacal laughter of the crew of Prophecy.

We rounded the Caboolture River mark and headed for home a nice ¾ run “this will be easy”, we thought. The wind had been relatively consistent most of the afternoon but now we started to get really strong bullets of wind. We were consistently running at 14 -15 knots and we were seeing 30knots on the gauge. So, well over 40 knots then. Hmm. Looking back we saw firstly O.D. and then Double D heading towards Newport leads. “O.D., Prophecy – mate your heading towards Newport you need to be following us to the Scarborough leads!” was the radio call; again maniacal laughter.

Going 15knots passed the Yellow X and we were quickly headed towards the shallows of Scarborough headland as we rolled away the jib. Up into the wind and drop the main.

Whew! We were done.

A really exciting day on the water and so many stories in the bar after. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world.

Many thanks to Roger and Margy for facilitating the event, though with only 4 boats there wasn’t an official race. So no beer – sad face. On the bright side we all get 2 minutes! Yay.