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SAGS Report 29/08/2020

Nice to be here again, with our new time slot. Arrived at start with a
few minutes to spare, taken up easily enough bearing away and going
around again, wind fresh and over we go, just short of gunnels in water,
for the next hour or so. Straight away high lighting that list of self
made problems haven,t addressed yet, but short listed week before, to
eventually be able to tick off for our advantage. Although wind throwing
variations seemingly, at the outer marker, tide sends us lumpy swells
all the way to garnet rock, just enough to wet your pants, as some make
it over the top and down to meet us. Only tacking 4 times in whole
course unlike previously forced to follow wind changes time and again.
Cut through mainly trailer fleet firing out from Garnet Rock direction
and after last one, soon visible green buoy for us rounding well enough.
Photo of fleet which is much more visible in reality than displays,
hammering towards us shortly after rounding buoy, and are soon cutting
through fleet coming from all directions in wide span, and for some
time, still seeing boats as we get  back close to outer marker, to point
home stretch, no spinnaker here, but seeing a couple of blue ones
heading our way. Reef quite visible with waves breaking all the way
along its length on our port side, as still quite low tide as we get
close to peninsula and by all accounts our first Rhode island standard
finish. Regards Brent and Ben T & M Oscar.