SAGS sailing

This week’s SAGS report by Kelly on ZINGARA 26.5.18


How did this happen? So I put my hand up to crew for Peter as he had happily agreed to take David, one of my Adult Sailing Course participants on board. And I end up writing the report! Hmmm.


Well, I can’t really complain because it was a brilliant day.  16 boats on the water. Divine Madness, Sea Sprite, Asgard, Jupiter, Nice Try, Silverado, Rooger, Zingara, Page III, Grecher, Rimfire, Seraya,  Crews Missile, Jenesis, Sentier, Midnight Madness.


The wind prediction was a southerly in the low 20’s but blew up a bit higher. The trek to Reef Point was challenging with comments made that perhaps we should have sailed the inside course. In hindsight we probably would have. Midnight Madness, Jupiter and Sea Sprite didn’t like the sea state and headed back to the bar to warm up.


Now I’m always happy to be out in wind but Peter certainly was having a tussle on the tiller. Eventually his new crew got their act together and lessened the weather helm considerably, under Peter’s excellent direction. The 2nd leg to Garnet Rock became much smoother as we tacked and headed further out into the bay. Peter bravely gave David a go on the helm and was pleasantly surprised at his feel for the tiller.


Keeping a healthy 20 metre buffer around Garnet (subtle hint to all), we headed back for a beautiful downwind run to Reef. With an eye on the big sails coming up behind, we ‘cruised’ past Divine Madness and later Asgard, who finished 2nd. Sentier managed to get through the crowd and came in 3rd.


Back in the Club the stories started flowing:

  1. Grecher found the sand bar on the way out (between 1st and 2nd Red outbound in the channel) and were ready to name a new island before finally getting off. There been at least two boats previously hitting this so watch out.
  2. Rimfire had a wee rigging fail so also headed for home I believe.
  3. The Page III crew cheekily refused to speak to me (albeit briefly) for jumping ship to the WINNER. But this is Chrissy and Rebecca we are talking about and you can’t hold back the tide so chatting ensued.
  4. Page III, Crews Missile and Nice Try had a close encounter near Garnet Rock and COLREGS was called, thanks Crews Missile for good avoidance.


A tip top day indeed. Cheers to Peter for taking me on board. And the MBBC for their sponsorship.


Next week’s Start Times here: MBBC SAGS Results 26 May 2018