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SAGS sailing

Can you believe Benny has done it again!!! And this is his winners report from SAGS 23.6.18…


Believe it or not, I believe in the ancient gods of the wind.

And last race they were with us.

Oscar kept going away from the rest of the fleet and we came first in front of the big boats.


Well, apparently the gods were only looking after Benny because just about everyone else floated for a while before motoring back in.


The 3 podium finishers were the only ones to sail back before cut off time at 5pm.


1st Benny on Oscar

2nd Sue and Lindsay on War Canoe

3rd Dave on Double D


A beauty of a day for taking photos of sail reflections on the water, I got a few, but not so good for sailing enthusiasts.


We had Chris and his son Byron (a Jnr Bic sailor) turn up on THE WAY UP, a Seawind 24, but sadly they turned for home before Reef Point due to the lack of wind.


I even got two of my Junior Instructors down to sail on something bigger than a dinghy. Luckily Jarrod and Aaron know all about sailing on low wind days, except we usually do paddle races or capsize training with the Juniors. Would anyone be up for that?


Thanks, as always, to the sensational MBBC for the ongoing support and sponsorship.


Next week’s Start Times here: MBBC SAGS Results from 23 June 2018