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SAGS sailing

Thanks to Dale from CATALINA for the SAGS report this week.


Sat 7th July saw 17 boats head out for a top winter SAGS race. Early starters were faced with the prospect of a damp beginning and from reports some were blasted with gusts up to 29knots in the squall , fortunately for Catalina being last to start the weather cleared and the wind came back to a comfortable 10/12 knots from the NW allowing us to fly our Screecher all the way to D bay red gaining on the fleet.

After rounding the first mark the Spinnaker run to the Cardinal was light but enough to whittle back the fleet.

Good luck then continued for us as the wind slowly increased for the tight run back to D bay red and then an easy Screecher ride through the front runners to the finish.

A big thanks to our sponsors MBBC for supporting us and to all the Skippers and crew participating.

See you on the water




Next week’s Start Times here:¬†MBBC SAGS Results from 07 Jul 2018