SAGS sailing

This week’s SAGS report 15/9/18 from Rob of SILVERADO.


The BOM got the weather forecast unusually close to what actually happened and 12 boats went out to make the most of the ideal conditions. The windward run to Reef Point was fast and furious in a 15 knot N E er with Silverado gaining a little on the early starters. Spinnakers went up on the way to Garnet Rock and all those unfortunate people (standing on dry land instead of boat) were treated to a spectacular show of sails of the peninsula foreshore. The wind had shifted a few degrees to the north after the fleet rounded Garnet Rock and most boats stayed on the port tack to make Reef Point although a few boats (including Silverado) had to put in extra tacks to make Reef Point. Silverado was able to make the most of its windward forte and take the lead before Reef Point with Shala and Page III hot on her heels (would you believe stern). In a great race to the finish Silverado was able to maintain the lead from Shala and Page III with the rest of the fleet in hot pursuit a great race for all even the unfortunates (those with their feet attached to the foreshore) had a few minutes of pleasure watching the fleet sail past. 1st Silverado, 2nd Shala and 3rd Page III.


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