SAGS sailing

Thanks to Ron from CARISMA for this week’s Report of SAG’S race 22.9.18


Sixteen boats made themselves available for the Garnet Rock “Scramble” on Saturday. I say scramble because when at the end of the race the entire fleet is between the finish line and the Blinker it’s been a mad scramble. But back to the start, Knee Deep was first away followed by Jupiter, Asgard, Oscar and Carisma. Then the masses followed, looking back there appeared to be a wall of followers. Jupiter, Knee Deep and Asgard rounded the Blinker in good time followed by Oscar and Carisma. Stewart on Knee Deep was sailing like a man possessed, when we finally passed, the bottom of Knee Deep was plain to see as she threw herself into the task. Oscar and Carisma were nip and tuck all the way to Garnet Rock buoy with Carisma rounding slightly ahead. The battle resumed on the way back as both boats tried to catch Jupiter who was still well ahead. A mile south of the Blinker Carisma finally shook off Oscar but the elation for Carisma’s crew was short lived, to their dismay one threat was replaced with a double headed threat , Grecher and Page III were gaining rapidly. Jupiter had by now rounded the Blinker and was running to the Line but with the auto pilot out of action Gary wisely stayed in the cockpit rather than try to set a pole. Carisma passed to port of Jupiter and Grecher to starboard and it was race on. Page III and Shala had set kites so the pressure was on Carisma and Grecher to hold off the fast advancing boats behind. Carisma and Grecher were close enough at this time to be able to exchange pleasantries of a nautical nature without having to raise their voices. Everyone played nicely and Carisma crossed oh so slightly ahead of Grecher with Shala a close third.

Conditions on the day were close to perfect, a consistent ESE at 12 to 14 knots low chop and no rain.


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