SAGS sailing

Thanks to Dave from DOUBLE D for this week’s SAGS report 29/9/2018


Well it was a totally different Sailors Table from the Rum Wednesday. Few skippers and fewer crew. Must have been the forecast of  pending rain and increasing winds that saw a fleet of ten log on out on the water . Jupiter wisely called a “In The Bay” Saturday race as first away.


With a reef in our main DoubleD, who did his usual late start, set out and in pursuit of Jupiter and Zingara, catching Zingara at Caboolture Yellow, but having to dodge Liquid Motion in irons at the mark. As the winds increased the Old Salty skippers of Carisma (solo), Volando and Oscar decided that discretion was better than valour and withdrew for a safer haven. Rimfire  (Oddly Solo), Page III, Grecher and Silverado then followed.


Virtually a repeat of Rum Wednesday but with stronger winds, we held in to the houses at Beachmere foreshore before tacking and managed to lay off on our favoured angle to catch and pass Jupiter at Deception Bay Red in one. Winged out we were never headed and finished First, Jupiter Second and a gentlemanly toss of the coin Saw Page III third and Zingara reclaiming her favoured fourth place.


A very quick race finishing for us at 15:00. 21 crew were on the roll but I noticed Volando was not on the list of starters.


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