SAGS sailing

This week’s SAGS 6.10.18 report written by Trevor from NICE TRY.


A fantastic day was enjoyed by the 54 sailors that ventured out for the inaugural “Bay Boats Take Away, Bait and Galley Supplies” Rum Race in what was predicted to be a miserable day with rain and storms.

The weather Gods favoured the multihulls with lighter winds, no chop and good angles.

Jupiter, Happy Daze, Zingara, About Time and French Kiss started in front of us and took off like startled gazelles.  We started in good company with Jaguar, with Double D and Carisma close behind.

Roger on Jaguar popped their kite in unison with us at the start, but unfortunately for us we could not carry ours as high and had to bear away approximately 15 degrees.

However, as the wind increased slightly we were able to point higher thanks to the apparent wind and claw our way back to the rest of the fleet on the rum line.  Nigel Sorrenson was steering Nice Try and did a great job using every wind shift.

We slowly got away from Jaguar and managed to catch Roger (on Happy Daze who was training a new crew member and not using extras)” and Garry (on Jupiter who I think was asleep after a heavy night out) and established a good lead on the fleet at D’bay Red (a very rare occasion indeed).

Luckily, we made the Bribie Yellow first with the fleet in close pursuit and at the turn were able to again hoist the bag (Bluey) and slowly pull away back to D’bay Red, to establish enough lead to just make it over the line in first place.  We were closely followed by French Kiss, Rimfire, Silverado, Seraya and a mass of boats all bunched up. (Nice try and better luck next time).

Back at the bar Hank commented on how hard it is to be in the winner’s circle in what has become a high-quality group of Skippers and Sailors and I must agree.

The placings were 1st Nice Try, 2nd French Kiss, 3rd Rimfire and the coveted 4th place going to Silverado.

Thanks to the Sponsor ”Bay Boats” for their generous support and the Boat Club  organiser’s for a great job as usual.

Next week’s Start Times here: MBBC SAGS Results from 6 Oct 2018