SAGS sailing

This week’s SAGS report from Capt. Daz of PAGE III.


Last Saturday’s SAGS proved to be an interesting day in a few ways.  Firstly, the wind prediction was for a northerly at around 15 knots.  Late morning in the MBBC marina it was hovering around 15 knots gusting to 20 knots.  That indicated a potential of 20+ knots in Deception Bay.  Secondly, the turnup at the MBBC Bilge Bar was significantly down in numbers which indicated potentially reduced boat numbers.  Then the potential for 20+ knots resulted in a decision to sail within Deception Bay so smaller boats were not bashing into a northerly from Garnet Rock.  That decision resulted in a discussion around using the extended course trialled on the previous WAGS.  Some believed that course was for WAGS others believed it displaced the DBay courses so could be used for the SAGS within DBay.  The result of all this was:

  • The wind was definitely above the prediction and the faster boats would have experienced apparent winds in excess of 20 knots.  Page III at one stage had an apparent wind of 28 Knots.
  • The boat numbers were not down with 14 participating even though at least 2 regulars were absent.
  • Asgard solved the course issue (being the 1st boat away) by broadcasting the extended course to be sailed in the starboard direction.

All good.

Accolade should go to Asgard for advising the NCYC race control of the course to be sailed by MBBC boats.  Excellent PR.

The 1st leg was a close reach shared with NCYC boats.  A good leg to make sure the boat is set up for the windward leg to come.  There were more boats ahead of Page III than were behind but that view was a little distorted by the coexisting NCYC boats.  Hard to tell where one is in the MBBC SAGS with so many decoys.  The 2nd leg was the work to windward which usually sorts out the fleet.  This is a longer leg than to the DB red and favours good windward boats.  Also, with the wind direction hovering around NNE, the sea state did not vary much over Deception Bay so tacking onto port early was not an issue.  Not a great deal of tide either.  Interestingly, with the NNE wind, the port tack was the making tack to the Godwin Beach Pole (GBP).

As the leading boats approached the GBP the wind dropped a little and given the wind direction extra laundry being hoisted for the last leg was a surety.  Once Page III rounded the GBP it was noticed there were a number of boats ahead.  It was not until about 30% into the leg the MBBC boats were identifiable.  Then the potential for a podium finish became apparent.  Clearly Page III had picked up a lot of ground on the previous work.  But, in the distance but closing was Seraya with more laundry up.  Always interesting when that happens.  Yes Hank, we are always watching you.

Fortunately, Seraya did not have enough distance and Page III was able to overtake the lead boats not flying extras to take line honours.  Placings were revised when it was found that Asgard had started on the wrong time. Asgard was relegated from 2nd to 4th – he was happy. Seraya followed to take  over 2nd place and Carisma took 3rd.


As a side issue, feedback on the extended DB course to the GBP (for summer races) would be appreciated.  That feedback can be given to the MBBC Sports Coordinator (

Thanks to the sponsor MBBC.


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