SAGS sailing



Beautiful weather and steady easterlies averaging about 13 knots made this race a fitting finale for the year.

Seventeen boats started under these perfect conditions and provided for a wonderful scene especially at the end when they were all behind us.

French Kiss had not left her berth for about 8 weeks and we expected that some fouling would have occurred during that time which might slow her down. Fortunately, this did not appear to be the case.

After a near perfect start we headed for Reef Point on a windward leg with our arch rivals Rooger, Zingara and Carisma close by.

The tide was still coming in at that time and some of the yachts were forced to throw in additional tacks to get around Reef Point which cost them valuable time and put them out of contention.

After rounding Reef Point French Kiss had left Carisma and Rooger behind and only Zingara, Happy Days, Gitana and Oscar ahead of her.  Oscar still had a substantial lead at that time.

About half way on this reach towards Garnet Rock we passed Zingara and Happy Daze. Just after rounding Garnet Rock we overtook Gitana, we were however not able to get some distance between us and Rooger.

On the way back to Reef Point only Oscar was way ahead of us, Rooger still close behind and Zingara not too far behind Rooger.

At that time we thought we had a good chance to get a podium place, especially looking back at the majority of the fleet a fair distance behind the leading 4 boats. We were doing about 7 to 8 knots at times and it was unlikely anyone would be able to bridge that gap and catch us although they would certainly try.

Going around Reef Point it took a while to get the kite set after it had been wrapping around the forestay. Fortunately for us Rooger had similar problems and actually fell a bit further behind.

French Kiss quickly made ground on Oscar and caught Bennie and Bob a couple of hundred meters before the finish line. Oscar managed to stay ahead of Rooger though and came second with Rooger in third place.  Zingara in fourth place with Seraya closing in fast.

Overall a great day on the water.

Thanks to all participants and to MBBC for sponsoring this race.

The best wishes and “bon vent” for 2019 from the crew of French Kiss.


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