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SAGS sailing

The BOM put out a strong wind warning (up to 30 knots) for the bay. Despite this, 10 boats decided to do they race although the course was changed to Deception Bay rather than the traditional SAGS run down to the Garnett rock.

Bill (Divine Madness) led the fleet off on a starboard course in a pleasant 15 to 20 knot northerly breeze, closely followed by Allan on Asgard then Peter on Zingara.

The wind strength remained constant at around 20 knots and the lead of the first few boats appeared to be unsurmountable by the big cats as they watched Bill round the first mark through the bar windows.

Jaguar, Silverado and War Canoe made up the mid fleet with Catalina Seraya and Sentier doing the big chase.

The sailing section would like to welcome Peter Nasveld who did his first SAGS race on Crews Missile, a Tennant 10 catamaran. Peter did possibly one of the most spectacular cases of establishing handicap ever witnessed at the club…..sailing underneath the handicapper¬† on the first leg doing double his speed and “waiving” (hi to you too Greg!) at the handicapper as he went by. He was in third spot at the Caboolture river and was in the lead by the Deception Bay red then went on to win by an undetermined distance, the visibility to the horizon not being great. There is no truth in the rumour he went home to mow the lawns and wash the car before coming back to the clubhouse to help the other participants tie up. His revised handicap is still under consideration.

Zingara provided some light comical entertainment by flying a kite on the last leg but did manage to stumble across the line in first place.

Bill and Vince on Divine Madness ran a solid race and took home the silver medal.

Dale on Catalina also flew a kite in a desperate bid for a win but could only manage third place.

In hindsight, a great day out on the water with all boats getting home safely with no reports of any damage done.

Many thanks to Darryl Wright for being master of ceremonies while DMC was away on the bay cruise.

Start times for the next SAGS race are attached here: MBBC Sags Results 23 September