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WAGS Report 08/01/2020

 WAGS report 8th January 2020
What a perfect day to be sailing
with 17 boats heading out to enjoy the best weather you could ask for in 10 to 15 knots of breeze and flat seas.
With a crew of 8 on Catalina and a start time of 1344hrs we settled in for a cruisey sail thinking that winning was out of the question.
With a screecher run to Caboolture river entrance mark we attained speeds of around 9knots and hardened up for the long work to D Bay red. Majority of the fleet tacked early for unknown reasons and we continued over to Beechmere on the advice of Greg H until we were in 8ft of water! We may have overlaid a touch but half way out with speeds up to 8 knots it was clearly evident we had made some real gains . Prophecy, Jo de7, and Sentier (who had a torn mainsail) I figured were not going to be a threat to us so with Seraya, Freya, OD, Zingara and Kaveinger rounding the mark ahead of us for a beam reach to Reef Point we unfurled the Screecher to see if we could haul them in a little. Cleaning the bottom of Catalina last week then seemed to pay off as we accelerated to be at the mark with only Zingara flying along out front.
Crew on Zingara then spotted us sneaking up on them and decided to hoist the Spinnaker however we still had more boat speed and fortunately was able to go over the top of them and in to first place. Never let it be said that Peter is not a true Competitor as many of you will know , he has proven this over and over again, great to see.
I’d like to thank my intrepid crew for a great effort.
Yours in Sailing