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WAGS 09/12/2020

Thirteen boats out plus 43 crew for what was forecast, and proved to
be,  a very pleasant WAGs with 10-12 knots of ENE breeze. Before the
start we could see that a few of the earlier starters had hoisted
spinnakers but as the wind at that time was stronger than the 10 knots
cut off point for Seraya’s  masthead spinnaker we opted for our Code
Zero instead which appeared to be the right decision when we noticed OD
have several round ups after starting, but the wind settled down so we
did have a few regrets on the first leg to Caboolture Yellow especially
when we looked behind and noticed that Freyja was flying her kite and
making good progress.  By the time we rounded CY the early markers were
way ahead so we had no thoughts of winning at this stage of the race
just keen to beat OD and stay ahead of Freyja. There was still the odd
cloud in the sky indicating thermals which were responsible for the
numerous extreme knocks and lifts encountered on the beat to Godwin
Beach –  Seraya tacks so easily we were able avoid the worst of the
knocks and get the most out of the lifts. Rounding GB Kaveinga still
appeared to be in an unbeatable position and we were hoping for the much
coveted 4th place. After passing DB RED on the run to the finish, most
of the fleet hoisted extras with Zingara, Rimfire, DD  and Seraya in
pursuit of Kaveinga with Freyja, still behind but having popped her
spinnaker, making good ground. Not long after hitting the lead the wind
swung further aft and it became a challenge for us to keep the code zero
working efficiently. However we managed to hold onto the lead with a
well sailed Rimfire 2nd, Freyja 3rd with Kaveinga 4th. Once again
another happy gathering at the clubhouse afterwards. Many thanks to our
sponsors and the MBBC.

From Hank and Lorraine – Seraya