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WAGS Report 29/01/2020

Another beautiful day on the bay brought out a much larger fleet than usual this week. Seems the handicap is working a treat, looking more like a bunch sprint at the Tour de France with the exception of Endorfin which managed to get clear on the reach to Reef Point.
Coming from behind, we usually go with the pack when it comes to flying a kite but the lack of colour and cloth seemed to indicate the leg to Reef Point may be too shy (or a tactical battle unfolding for the coveted 4th spot).
Nevertheless we (3 skippers no crew) decided to take a kite under the fleet and swap to a screecher down the leg.
A similar tactic payed dividends for Prophecy last week giving them the Scratch Marker title (ever so briefly).
Joe De 7 managed to come from the back to slot into the prestigious 4th spot with Kavienga 3rd and Shala winning the bunch sprint for 2nd.
Good luck to all those flying the club flag at the Surf to City this weekend.