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WAGS Report 03/02/2021


It was a fine blustery day that greeted the fleet for what should have been the first week of the month Garnet Rock course. As the breeze was gusting to 25+ knots it was decided that we should sail the Deception Bay course including Godwin Beach. 10 boats and 36 sailors enjoyed the conditions.

Starting only just ahead of Catalina and 3 minutes behind Sentier we were not at all confident of troubling the scorers…

We caught Sentier by D’bay Red but were unable to pass them until half way down the tight reach to Caboolture River mark. We both passed several monohulls including O.D. and Jenesis, who kindly took a video of us doing so.

After rounding Caboolture River mark there was only Double D and About Time ahead of us, but Sentier was close behind and even as we passed the front runners we were concerned that Sentier might overtake us on the work back to Scarborough.

We worked quite a long way into the shore and tacked east to gain more ground. We were making good speed and on starboard tack crossed on Sentier, but it was close. The sea state was quite rough and we decided that it would slow us down too much so we tacked back south and could see that Sentier had tacked east heading for home very fast.

We tacked looking to make the finish line but realised we may have gone too early. We cranked on the jib and pinched up slowing the speed but making sure we would be close enough to the mark to finish fairly. As we closed on the mark we bore away to gain speed and managed to cross the line 3/4 of a boat length in front of Sentier!

A really close and exciting race for first, but the tussle for 3rd was even closer, both Dale and Dave reported it was really exciting close racing.

1st Prophecy

2nd Sentier

3rd Catalina

4th Double D