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WAGS Report 25/11/2020

Greetings Sailors,  Wednesday 25th November saw 15 boats front for a near perfect day on the water .
Catalina’s start time of 1330hrs made us think we would have little chance of hunting down the early starters,
 with a course taking us to Reef Point though allowed for a good Kite run to D Bay red.
Fortunately for us no one ahead did the same so with the wind increasing a little Catalina kept speeds of 9-10 knots for that leg.
We decided to gybe and carry the Spinnaker to Caboolture which turned out to be the right decision as we quickly picked up the fleet.
Looking back I was keeping an eye on Prophecy and Endorphin who were gaining on us but they had a lot of distance to make up.
Rounding Caboolture mark for the work home with Sentier hot on our heels and the wind easing a little I watched as Seraya behind pointed up way above us.
Rimfire bearing off allowed us to point up enough to keep Blue Moon at bay and the boat to catch was Double D powering on heading into the bay.
We then took a leg out to cover Prophecy and Endorphin who had gone out after rounding the mark.
It proved to be the right call and we crossed the line ahead of a fast finishing fleet to end another great day on the water.
Big thanks to our sponsors MBBC
Also thanks to all the crew who without their participation we couldn’t enjoy this wonderful sport.
See you on the water