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WAGS Report 27/01/2021

The second day, WAGS. was nearly a repeat of the first race:  same course, a iittle more wind, which had also backed to NE’ly.  Therefore we decided to start with the asymmetric spinnaker.  That proved to be a good choice of sail.  Kaveinga’s speed increased to 7 kn and more.  The wind was veering and backing similar to the previous day, but had risen to about 15 kn.  Therefore we could not lay GB after rounding CR without tacking twice, fortunately always into a lift.  After rounding GB a lot of spinnakers followed us to DB.  We hoisted the spinnaker on the mark and off we went on the home run again.  And again there was this big white cloud-like spinnaker following.
The end result this day:  KAVEINGA and OD again, followed by ZINGARA and SERAYA.  13 boats and 49 pob this race.
It remains just to thank our hard-working race committee for two glorious race days, and my crew of Helen, Andrew and Annie, and last not least all the competitors during both days.  I am not looking forward, however, to the increase in my handicap.  It means we just have to sail better!