WAGS sailing

Thanks to Bill from ABOUT TIME for this week’s WAGS report 23.5.18


A great turnout this week with 12 boats participating in the race. The winds were from the south east in the low teens at the start of the race increasing to the low twenties towards the end. The winds didn’t help Double D and Happy Daze get to the start on time though (again!).

Positions were pretty much held on the first leg with a bit of a crush at the mark. (Some have already forgotten the 20 metre rule). There was more dodging and weaving on the second leg with some angst on both boats when About Time “over” took Double D at close quarters.

About Time and Nice Try were battling it out throughout the race with Nice Try having the upper hand on the first two legs.

The fleet spread out on the third leg with the multi hulls going down further than the monos. It was a tightly contested finish with About Time tacking over the line 98.5 meters from the finishing mark, closely followed by Sentier and Zingara. Nice to see a monohull on the podium for a change in what has become a multihull world.  Seraya did well to claim the coveted 4th position, well done Hank.

Next weeks Start Times here: MBBC WAGS results 23 May 2018