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WAGS Sailing

Thanks to Dale from CATALINA for this week’s WAGS report 20.6.18.


WAGS Winter Solstice Sail , eight boats enjoying perfect winter conditions.

Early starters had a light breeze down to the Caboolture mark in flat water

while Seraya, Sentier and Catalina watched the wind decrease to about three knots from the SE.


Catalina had her Screecher winged for a deep square run and only reached four knots for that leg. After rounding the first mark we close hauled the Screecher and had a much faster trip to D Bay red with the wind slowly increasing to around nine/ten knots.

As we rounded the mark we decided to continue out to sea instead of tacking and going inshore with the lead boats, this proved to be a winning decision. By now the wind had settled in at around 10/12 knots from the SE. Overtaking Sentier we realised the difference a nice clean newly Anti-foul bottom makes.


A very enjoyable day was had by all I’m sure,  especially Catalina, albeit the five minutes is going to hurt.


Thanks to DMC from Sunshine Boat Sales for his longstanding and generous support.


Seaya on the Briny again soon



Next week’s Start Times here: MBBC WAGS results from 20 June 2018