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27/9/2018 WAGS Adrian’s Birthday Rum Race Results, written with excitement by Dave off DOUBLE D.


There was movement at the sailors bar for the word had got around that it was Aido’s birthday race and there was Rum to be found.


And so it came to be that 17 boats, a record for a Wednesday apparently, with a motley collection of 44 sailors, pirates, burglars and a smattering of visitors and esteemed ladies amongst them, sailed off into the fro on glorious sailing day. Again Jupiter led off in a bolt followed by Jaguar, Happy Daze, Oscar and Ever After in hot pursuit on a reach to Caboolture Yellow. DoubleD followed next unusually starting on time, with Zingara, Grecher, Rimfire (Back from his OS jaunt), and About Time setting off in the group of around 13:30 starters. Volando logged on late stating he had a crew of one grumpy old sailor.


Quiet assassins Page Three, Silverado and the Birthday Boy Aido with his gun grew aboard Midnight Madness, one producing berley were next, with the Wolf Pack of Seraya, Prophecy and Endorfin chaffing at the bit to hunt everyone down. A very great fleet considering the boats sold, away North cruising or on the Interbay Cruise.

The breeze held consistent in DoubleD’s preferred range and my diligent crew managed to haul in Happy Daze just before Caboolture yellow. After rounding with the mix of the fleets it was hard to pick out the boats we needed to catch so we held on to Beachmere shore before tacking. After that there was an involuntary 360 after a round up on the way to Deception Bay Red which put us near Oscar but we managed to make it without another tack. We saw Jupiter round the mark first and roll out his favourite sail to head off to Reef Point. It was an awesome sight to see so many boats so far back after rounding.


Goose Winged on the Rumb Line, we settled back for hot snacks and the inevitable hunting down by the pack. Spinnakers flew, the multi’s criss-crossing the course, boats everywhere closing the gap, which made a spectacular sight. Knowing Jupiter’s tactics I waited for his tack for his run to the finish hoping we were just ahead. I found out at the club later that Gary was solo and had no auto pilot to put a pole up.

DoubleD managed to hold out for first, Jupiter second and Grecher relegated to fourth after being pipped on the line by Ever After achieving third. It would be great Dennis if you came back and collected the sponsor’s prizes you have won.


Stories and laughs flowed freely at the club. Great camaraderie was abundant. Rum prizes were awarded by our gracious sponsor Adrian to the winners.

An excellent day on the water for our MBBC Sailing Section.


Sorry for the length but I don’t get to do this often.

Dave Wally Jackie and Lou


PS: I had my bum cleaned the day before. (Burglar)


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