WAGS sailing

This week’s WAGS report 3/10/2018 by a very happy Jeff off PROPHECY.


The conditions were looking very light an hour or two before the race but as the time became closer Hughey decided to bring some wind for us to play in and over the race perhaps 10-15 knots.

The course was down the front which was slightly longer that the Bribie Course which did suit the back markers.

15 Boats started in these terrific conditions which is great for a Wednesday. A great welcome back to Craig, Helen and family on Comfortably Numb.

The conditions certainly favoured the Multi Hulls particularly the Tri Marans which saw these boats sail through the fleet.

As we are inexperienced on Prophecy I made the comment to a new crew member we need to follow one of the wise heads and I pointed out Hank as he always goes the right way.

Did I have egg on my face as involuntarily Hank waited for us by parking his beautiful Yacht on the rocks. Fortunately, it seemed there was little damage and great work from one our illustrious leaders to pull their sails down and render assistance.

It is great sailing down the front as you get to see nearly all the Yachts as they come back from the bottom mark.

Prophecy was blessed with our first win due to great expertise from the crew doing everything to keep the boat moving and intimidating me so I had to concentrate the whole time on the tufts on the Genoa. I even got into trouble for looking back when we were in front (tough crew).

We were also grateful for the time we had at the start on Endorfin who was coming quickly and sailed into second spot. Third was Happy Daze and fourth was Double D.


Thanks to our illustrious Sponsor Sunshine Boat Sales for the Carlton Mid Beers gratefully accepted.


Next week’s Start Times here: MBBC WAGS results from 03 Oct 2018