WAGS sailing

This week’s WAGS 12.12.18 report from Trevor on NICE TRY.


Twelve MBBC boats with a total number of 38 sailors ventured out for the WAGS and had a good E-NE breeze for the inaugural Godwin Beach run.  “Godwin Beach” I hear you ask! I had never heard of it for one.

It was a great day to be out and the “Other Fleet” had a similar number of contenders.

Anyway, after a little confusion and some rapid inputting into the GPS the race got under way. Tony on “Gitana” got away to a flying start and was a long way in front at the Caboolture Yellow, however the lead was short lived as the luff eye of his jib decided to part company with the sail cloth.

Peter in “Zingara” decided to play nurse maid for the rest of the fleet as there was a little confusion and he made his way to the Godwin Beach “Stick”, so nobody got lost, and may I add did a great job.

The co-ordinates for the mark were given as S27. 06. 6 and E153. 07. 3 which I found quite accurate, however Adrian must have got it wrong (It wouldn’t have been Jess) and I was advised that they went for a gelato at the Bongaree Jetty.

The boats out were Catalina, Double D, Gitana, Grecher, Midnight Madness, Nice Try, Oscar, Rimfire, Sentier, Seraya, Zingara and Prophecy.

Rimfire and Sentier must have been in party mode as they had 11 sailors on board between them.  I thought I heard the champagne corks popping and smelt the roast before the start.

The course and the wind angles suited the multihulls and Nice Try got away under spinnaker with Peter Casey at the helm.  The spinnaker drop at the yellow was copybook and I congratulated the crew on it which made me look foolish later in the day.  Making good time going to the first mark under “Bluey” and a not so tight work to the “Stick” it was going to be difficult for any other boats to catch us, or so I thought.

The last leg Bluey raise went horribly wrong with the lazy sheet tying a knot in the centre of the spinnaker and as sometimes happens all hell broke loose. I must learn to repack a bag someday.  Any way after tearing “Bluey” * the masthead spinnaker and losing the bag overboard near D-Bay Red we eventually sorted the hounds kite “Patch” * and had a nice run home.

“D-Bay Red” you ask?  Well that’s another story for the bar.

On approaching the finish line our hearts sank as we could not catch Sentier who has somehow got under us.   Sentier disqualified themselves as they got the start time wrong.  “Apparently too much Champagne”.

Official finish was Nice Try first, Rimfire second, Prophecy third, making it a multihull whitewash.  The rest of the fleet were so close together that they all got fourth place except for Double D who is padding out his handicap for next year’s racing. Good luck Dave.

Thanks to the sponsor “Sunshine Boat Sales” for their ongoing generosity and to the club for a great day.

*I have named my spinnakers after dogs as they sometimes come back to bight you.


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