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Cowan Marathon Results 2020-21 Div 2

As predicted the wind was a pretty steady Northerly 15 -17 kn, but this in Scarborough Marina.  I knew that it would be much stronger outside.  We therefore put a reef in before venturing out an hour before the start to take part in the Cowan Marathon Race.  During the time between 0900 and 1000, however, the wind dropped to 10, kn true.  Out came the reef again, and we anticipated a nice and  easterly cruise to the MB2 buoy. The 1st Division boats took off, and there were only three of us left to sail the 2nd Division.
At the start gun all three of us crossed the line on port tack at about the same time.  If anything “Fifty/50” may have won the start.  She was the windward boat, “Kaveinga” slightly to leeward and “Incredible” a bit further still down the line.  The First boat we passed was the smallest one: “Fifty/50”.  “Incredible” and “Kaveinga” sailed side by side until we decided to reef in the building breeze.  We slowly pulled ahead of “Incredible”.  As I said before, Bavarias love to sail with slightly sprung sheets; we virtually flew past PC buoy, then M8 and finally MB2.  At this point we were approximately a quarter mile in front of the next boat.
The sail home was nearly the same.  The wind meanwhile had veered a little and was gusting to 25 kn.  In the more afterly breeze “Incredible” made incredible time and was nearly surging down the waves.  She was getting closer and closer.  As “Kaveinga” crossed the finish line “Incredible” was about half a minute behind.  “Fifty/50” came third.
Many thanks to the start boat, “About Time” and her crew, also to the organisers of the MBBC.
Claus Costenoble