Here are the current forms and information documents for new and existing members.

Full Membership Application

The completed form can be -

  • Dropped in at MBBC reception
  • or posted to: Moreton Bay Boat Club, PO Box 150, Scarborough QLD 4020
  • or scanned and emailed to
  • If you intend to Race with MBBCSSS please read and familiarise yourself with both the MBBCSSS Handbook and the SAGs WAGS and TWI Sailing Instructions

MBBC Sailing Boat Register form

MBBC Sailing Section Application Form

MBBC Sailing Emergency Plan 2019

MBBC Sailing Handbook 2021 R5

SAGS WAGS and TWI Sailing Instructions R12 Dec-2021


***NEW*** June 2022

Sail Pass for First Time Sailors

Register for Sail Pass

New Policies

Excess Monies Policy

Please contact or our New Membership Officer, Michael Elliott (0407 936 811) for new membership enquiries. Please contact for any other sailing enquiries.

t 07 3203 5188



1. SIGN-ON to race control (ECO) must happen every race BEFORE you start the race.

This can be done by radio log in OR at the clubhouse pre-race.
Each individual must sign on using the QR code, this is to ensure we know who is on the water.

Sailing Section Safety Sign-in

2. SIGN-OFF BY RADIO must be performed at the end of every race, after crossing the finish line.

This is to ensure we know you have finished and no one is left out on the water or needs to be reported missing. Withdrawal from the race is considered your sign off but you still must radio your retirement to the ECO. Skippers will be contacted if they do not sign off to check safety
of crew. If the Skipper cannot be contacted, concern for welfare will be reported to the police.

Thank you in anticipation of your continued co-operation.

Yours in Sailing

MBBC Sailing Section Committee

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