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Deception Bay Shoals and Dangers

Reef Point Isolated Rock

The rock depicted in the image above has the following co-ordinates:

27 10 990 S – 153 07 286 E

27 10 956 S – 153 287 E

Be aware that it is possible to pass to the South of the obstruction although this is not recommended


Deception Bay Red Sandbar

The rum line from Deception Bay red to Reef Point can lead over the sandbar in the image above – it is advised that vessels keep west of the sandbar.


Please see the updated courses with the new Marine Park buoys added.

TWI course

GR course

DB port course orig

DB-RP starboard course

DB starboard course orig

DB-RP port course

BSC course



All courses in a zip file MBBC Courses

B1 N wind

B2 N wind

B3 N wind

B4 N wind

D1 NE wind

D2 NE wind

D3 NE wind

E1 NE wind

E2 NE wind

E3 NE wind

G2 E wind

H1 SE wind

H2 SE wind

H3 SE wind  This is the normal WAGS Deception Bay Port Course. This course is run in the opposite direction depending upon prevailing winds.

K1 SE wind

K2 SE wind

K3 SE wind

O1 SE wind

O2 SE wind

O3 SE wind

R1 S wind

R2 S wind

T1 SW wind

T2 SW wind

T3 SW wind

U1 SW wind

U2 SW wind

U3 SW wind – This is the normal Garnet Rock SAGS course

W1 NW wind

W2 NW wind

Y1 NE wind

Y2 SE wind

Y3 SW wind

Bribie South Cardinal