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Coronavirus MBBC Sailing Announcement

Updated 24/09/2020

Because of the current COVID 19 restrictions we are unable to offer sailing to the general public. We hope you understand and apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment. Please believe us we are disappointed too! Once this is all over the following will apply:

"We are a friendly group of sports people committed to encouraging new participants to take up sailing and enabling those already involved in yacht racing to get the most out of their sport."

Until then then we must meet these  COVID Safe Legalities

1. Every Skipper has a legal responsibility to keep a record of Crew
Members EVERY race. This MUST include FULL NAME and all three (3)
CONTACT DETAILS (physical address AND email AND phone number). How
Skippers keep these records is their choice, however without these you
cannot race. The records must be kept for 56 days. This is not a club
rule, it is as previously stated the Queensland Government regulations
for allowing competitive sailing.

2. Skippers must also report these details to the Sailing Section EVERY
race. You have Three (3) Options for reporting your crew details:

a. Attend the club house BEFORE THE RACE and complete the COVID Safe
Paper Record which includes an approval for the sailing section to
collect this information.


b. Attend the club house IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE RACE and complete the
COVID Safe Paper Record


c. Email by 12noon the day after the race with all

The Sailing Section is required to keep these records for 56 days as


1. Sign-on to race control (ECO) must happen every race BEFORE you start
the race. This can be done by radio log in OR at the clubhouse pre-race.
This is to ensure we know who is on the water.

This is to ensure we know you have finished and no one is left out on
the water or needs to be reported missing. Withdrawal from the race is
considered your sign off but you still must radio your retirement to
ECO. Skippers will be contacted if they do not sign off to check safety
of crew. If the Skipper cannot be contacted, concern for welfare will be
reported to the police.

A reminder that the MBBC Covid safe Industry plan requires that all patrons sign in and sanitise every time they enter the club and once in the club they remain seated at all times unless acquiring food or drinks.

We understand we are all adapting to many changes under the odd times
that have been this COVID19 pandemic. We hope to create an effective
system that helps us all get out on the water and stay safe.

Thank you in anticipation of your continued co-operation.

Yours in Sailing

MBBC Sailing Section Committee