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WAGS sailing

What an interesting day! The BOM predicted 10 to 15 knot W/SW winds dropping off to 10 knots at midday then increasing to 15 knots westerlies in the late afternoon. Unfortunately the phrase “light variable winds” was included in the forecast which people have learned to interpret as BOM speak for “We just don’t know!”.  Despite the unattractive forecast, 8 boats enjoyed a very pleasant day on the bay.

Allan on Asgard led the fleet away on a port course in a good 12 knot breeze. Unfortunately for the rest of the fleet, this breeze did not hold and the wind varied from 2 to 20 knots which turned the race into a bit of a lottery. There were many “holes” with very little wind which most boats managed to avoid.

The podium occupiers would dispute this and are adamant that their position was all due to good seamanship etc etc and nothing to do with luck.

Congratulations to Hank on Seraya for comfortably claiming the top podium spot.

Ian and the boys on Trim continued their good form and claimed their 6th podium finish from 6 starts. This may be the first time this has happened, one would hope his handicap would catch up with him one day but he seems to go faster each week.

Roger relished the variable winds and maximised the changing wind conditions by doing some quick jib changes down the first leg. A well-deserved third place.

Merv on Rimfire claimed the coveted fourth spot with a strong finish.

Other boats enjoying what turned out to be a very pleasant day on the water included. Zingara, Happy Daze, and Sentier.

Meanwhile, back at the club house Joel (Asgard) and Roger (Rimfire) were the lucky winners of the club draw.

Next weeks start times are attached here: WAGS results 6th September

Many thanks to our generous sponsors, DMC from Sunshine Boat Sales and the MBBC.