Sailing FAQ

Can I go sailing with your club?

A most emphatic yes! We are a friendly group of sports people committed to encouraging new participants to take up sailing and enabling those already involved in yacht racing to get the most out of their sport. The easiest way to begin sailing with the MBBC sailing section is to come along to a WAGS or SAGS and just join in. First, please fill out this Sailing Enquiry Form so we know a little more about you.

What is WAGS and SAGS?

WAGS – Wednesday Afternoon Good Sailing

SAGS – Saturday Afternoon Good Sailing

These are social sail racing events held most weeks, weather permitting, where the focus is on fun, friendly competition and people getting their boats and crew out on the water.

Each race is a handicap event where slower boats start earlier than faster boats. If all goes according to plan, the finish should be a convergence of boats crossing the line at or near the same time. In practice, however, a photo finish is a rare event with conditions and/or skipper decisions influencing performance on the day. So, as long as we all make it back at the clubhouse bar for some fun, laughter and heartfelt race discussions (or ribbings) it’s been a good day out. Presentations are awarded to the winner and placegetters each week.

What should I expect from WAGS or SAGS sailing?

Hopefully FUN! and lots of it.

There will also be some mild to slightly challenging physical activity.

On some boats you may get wet from spray or even rain – yes we do sail in the rain…

You should also experience meeting new people, a new social atmosphere and more fun!

We meet at the bar after the race and you are free to stay and enjoy the atmosphere and maybe get a meal and a drink from the restaurant and bar.

We hope you enjoy it enough to come again and again.

What will happen when I come to a WAGS or SAGS?

For your initial visit to a WAGS or SAGS we ask you to fill out the online Sailing Enquiry Form either before you come or at the club on the same day as well.

Arriving at the club find the ECO (Event Co-ordinating Officer) who will be at one of the high tables near the bar with a sign on form and often displaying a sign (WAGS or SAGS). Make yourself known to them and that you would like to take part in that day’s activities. The ECO will assign you to a boat and introduce you to the owner/ skipper of the boat and leave you in their capable hands to arrange the timing of when and where to be to sail.

The boat allocation will be made after some brief questions concerning your experience and also upon availability of boats.

As owner/skippers make their boats available voluntarily we cannot always guarantee a place sailing on any particular day.

At the end of the race, all sailors are welcome to gather at the clubhouse bar for the prize presentation which is a good natured, light hearted affair celebrating the social sailing setting.

The MBBC Sailing Section has a donation tin at each race where the funds raised contribute to prizes and general financial running of our events. It is considered polite to make a gold coin contribution to “The Tin”.

We hope you enjoy WAGS and SAGS sailing and we hope to see you again soon.

How long does a SAGS or WAGS race take?

The sail time for each boat varies dependent on their handicap time. Some boats leave at 12noon and others and hour or and hour and a half later.  Most races take approximately 2-3 hours.

The cutoff time for all races (except twilight races) is 5pm.

What should I bring sailing?

Some things that would be good to bring with you:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat with a lanyard
  • Sun glasses with a lanyard
  • Towel
  • Sun-safe clothing
  • A water proof jacket if it looks like rain
  • A change of clothes in the event you get wet from rain or spray
  • Water bottle (most skippers will provide water but it’s always a good idea to take your own.)
What is crew etiquette at MBBC? How can I help out once aboard?

Most skippers are really happy to teach newcomers and as every boat will have slightly different systems and skippers have different ways of doing similar tasks it’s always best to ask and do as the skipper requires. During the race try to get involved and ask questions if you don’t know or are unsure.

Which brings up an important point. The skipper or captain has a legal and moral responsibility for the safety of the boat and all on board and as such has the final say in how the boat is operated. It is important that you follow directions even if you disagree with them. Most skippers will take constructive comments onboard, however, the final decision and responsibility is theirs.

After the race the skipper will be occupied in preparing the boat to be left until the next outing. It is always polite to ask if you can help and get involved in the process of pack up. Most skippers will be very grateful for any help.

Today’s sail was really great! What should I do now to become regular crew?

Each skipper/owner manages their own crew list each day. If you would like to sail with a specific boat talk directly to them at your next SAGS or WAGS.

If you wish to crew on different boats contact the WAGS or SAGS Event Co-ordinating Officer (ECO) by emailing and let them know when you will be available and any preferences for boats you would like to sail on.

Alternatively come to the MBBC by 12:00pm any Wednesday or Saturday and speak to the ECO and they will arrange for you to crew on an available boat.

Hopefully we will already have your contact details, if not please fill out this Sailing Enquiry Form so we know a little more about you.

Do I have to be a member?

At MBBC, we welcome everyone to come give sailing a try or for you to reconnect with your sport. We hope sailing will become a regular part of your life because you enjoy it so much.

If you want to sail at WAGS and/or SAG regularly, we encourage you to become a member.  MBBC offers 3 levels of membership, each with different benefits. Being a member of MBBC benefits both you and the club.

The 3 levels of MBBC membership are:

  • Social Membership – for those wishing to enjoy the benefits of the club for social purposes.
  • Full Membership offers many privileges including AGM voting rights.
  • Associate Membership is for partners of Full Members
I have boat can I compete in WAGS and SAGS?

Visiting boats are welcome to participate in a maximum of two (2) SAGS

or WAGS events (consecutive or otherwise), in any given year (TWI

events are ‘members only’). However, prior to participating, the

owner/skipper must submit an insurance ‘certificate of currency’ (or

equivalent) confirming 3rd party cover up to $10m.

The SAGS ECO and WAGS ECO will confer to determine the boat’s initial

start times for the respective events. The allocated initial SAGS and

WAGS start times may be different.

After two events, the boat’s owner or skipper is required to become a

full MBBC member before entering a third and/or ongoing SAGS, WAGS

or TWI events. Intended regular crew are required to become at least

MBBC social members.

Does the sailing section have a Facebook page?

MBBC Sailing Section can be found on facebook here –



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